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Occupy Democrats Election Fund works in the Avant-grade of digital democracy. By focusing most of our efforts on creating viral content, we support the top creators in the progressive Democratic space.

Unlike a traditional PAC that spends a little money on creative work (and it shows!) and then focuses most of its funds on amplifying its messages, the Occupy Democrats Election Fund does the opposite.

We believe that messages matter. Content matters.

The feedback we get from each post really does help us understand what messages are successful with the Democratic base and which are less resonant.

In that way, each meme is like a focus group. Not only do we learn from engagement and reach that the creative earns via statistics, but we also get real-time feedback from the comments of our readers.

The invaluable responses we get from our readers then help us refine our messaging, which the Democratic party can then leverage to fire up our base of support.

These are representative samples of the tremendous reach and engagement our approach generated for two targeted elections with minimal spending by following our non-traditional strategy of supporting content creators who already have a means of amplifying their messages.

Here are a couple of sample campaigns that the Occupy Democrats Election Fund conducted.

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